Steve Brown and Mike Ullstrup have been bringing original and adapted works to the radio and stage for over thirteen years. Winning over a dozen awards, including from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association and the Wisconsin Bar Association, BrownUllstrup works provoke, compel, and challenge the audience – and sometimes just make them laugh out loud.

They bring together performances that are well written, well cast, and well managed.  Historical events are thoroughly researched.  Marketing and sales plans are focused, specific, cost-effective, and get done.  Sound effects creation and editing are the finishing touch to their successful performances.  They do their best to be responsive to and flexible with everyone to make sure that the best productions using the best people are presented to audiences as works best for them.

Our Mission!

The mission of The Brown-Ullstrup Performing Arts Foundation is to attract national artists in the performing arts; fostering the growth of community arts groups; developing and promoting excellence in the performing arts in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and other identified geographic areas; providing art related education and programming opportunities through collaborative efforts; and providing a setting for programs that promote understanding and enhance the cultural and intellectual growth of the community.

What We Can Do for You!

Steve and Mike, and the very talented individuals with whom they work, focus their offerings to the entertainment, education, and community industries on the following.

  • Stage and radio script creation, development, and writing
  • Stage and radio production including:
    • Director and crew selection
    • Talent casting
    • Presentation rights acquisition
    • Stage operations (sound,  lighting, props, costumes, staging)
    • Venue procurement
  • Theatrical and writer’s representation
  • Casting
  • Sound effects creation, development, and editing
  • Video creation, development, and editing
  • Post-production

Our Work!



Eleanor R


And on the Eighth Day

Soldier Come Home

  • Performed with WGTD Radio Theater at Civil War Museum

Delores Dogan

The Giver