Steve Brown and Mike Ullstrup are the Co-Founders and Co-Executive Producers of the BrownUllstrup Performing Arts Foundation.  They have collaborated on writing over 50 radio shows of all genres, produced and presented stage plays, and penned several scripts for both the large and small screens.  Their writing and productions have brought to life previously hidden history, portrayed prominent figures in a new light, re-created great radio shows, and made audiences laugh hard and long. Their work has been recognized with several broadcasting and writing awards.


Steve is the founder and creator of the WGTD Radio Theater and the WGTD Radio Classics Theater.  He also is a news feature producer for WGTD News, has been a full-time Professor of Educational Leadership at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) since August 1989, and specializes in educational law, research methodology, and organizational theory.

In the area of writing, close to Steve’s heart are his plays "StreetHearts," depicting the plight of a homeless family living in the Chicago area; "Our Secret Sisters," written by him and Mike, about women serving as spies during WWII; and “Young Jed,” a prequel coming-of-age story of a young man who will one day become president of the United States.

Steve loves working with sound and video editing.  Using the latest technology, he creates and edits the sound effects and music for all BrownUllstrup productions and has developed video for the internet and television.

Steve is always thinking of new and creative projects.  On the drawing boards are some new takes on the Lincoln-Douglas debates, some insights from Leonardo da Vinci and Sigmund Freud, and a stage play about the Brown v. Board Supreme Court decisiont.

Mike is the Co-Executive Producer of the WGTD Radio Theater and the WGTD Radio Classics Theater.  He has twenty-five years of experience at large and small companies as a business operations strategy and implementation consultant.  With that background, Mike assures that all the minutiae of bringing a production to life are attended to and taken care of on time and on budget.  He is the detail and business guy who deals with the accountants, banks, and lawyers.

His writing and producing experience includes collaborating with Steve Brown on several screenplays, dramatic and comedic radio programs, and stage plays.  He enjoys researching the history of the events that are portrayed in their dramas and making sure that the nuances of established characters (like Augie Doggie and Huckleberry Hound!) are accurate and properly depicted.

Not to be outdone on the creative side, Mike has adapted Bizet’s “Carmen” for Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd to present at the WGTD Radio Theater’s Third Annual Cartoon Radio Show in January, 2010.

  Edward Bellock of Elmwood Park, Illinois is a charter member of the BrownUllstrup Performing Arts Foundation Governing Board.  Ed has served on several not-for-profit, education-related boards and has demonstrated a keen and practical sense for blending mission objectives and business realities.