It's the Professor!

Steve Brown and Mike Ullstrup have launched a new radio series on the WGTD Radio Theater. At each episode of this situation comedy, we follow the adventures of the Edelsteins and the Greenbergs as they enjoy their retirement at Boca Del Rio - Phase 3 in central Florida having moved from New York City. A distinguished -- and single! -- university professor (not quite the “doctor” the single ladies are looking for!) moves into their community and the antics ensue with early bird specials, cocktails at the pool, guilty children, spoiled grandchildren, dead husbands, and flip-flops.

The series was created and written by Brown and Ullstrup and they co-direct. The series airs every time the WGTD Radio Theater is broadcast. The shows are only about seven to ten minutes long – just enough time to keep up with the latest goings-on at Boca Del Rio - Phase 3.

This series represents new ground for the Brown and Ullstrup. Whereas the regular shows are one-time only and therefore the casts are different for every show, the cast must be the same for the “Professor” characters. When people hear Chutsi, Chutsi must sound the same every time! Special auditions were held to make sure the actors that were cast could capture the ethnic flavor we wanted for some of the characters.

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