What MIGHT Have Happened to Baby Jane?

What MIGHT have Happened to Baby Jane?  (Broadcast Date: June 6, 2020, re-broadcast of the show of September 20, 2014)

Remember the classic movie “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”?  Well, what if Jane was the “nice” sister and Blanche – yes, Blanche, the one in the wheelchair – was the nasty one?  On September 20th at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin, the WGTD Radio Theater presents a new and chilling take on the story of two sisters locked together by money, need, and desperation.  You will FEEL the bird’s bones breaking!

Produced by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Written by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Directed by ...Viki DuMez

Starring...The 91.1 Players!

Rene Bushelle, Alex Campea, Siegfried Christoph, Viki DuMez, Todd Eaves, Carol Knudsen

Production Staff...

Barb Tylla, Bob Janzer, Steve Brown, David Cole

This radio show is a re-broadcast of a show broadcast live in front of a studio audience on September, 2014