The Kane Shadow: If You Can Choose Your Friends, Can You Murder Your Relatives?

The Kane Shadow: If You Can Choose Your Friends, Can You Murder Your Relatives? (Broadcast Date: November 13. 2013)

Orson Welles, a.k.a. The Kane Shadow, comes back to his home town, Kenosha after another frustrating re-recording of a radio commercial in Chicago. While at dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, three very attractive and identical triplet women approach him and ask for his help. It would appear that a “friend” of theirs has gone missing and they fear the worst: murder. Their friend was last seen near Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin. Never able to resist the cries for help from attractive women, and knowing of the fine restaurants at the resort, Orson motors out to Delavan to investigate the matter. During his interviews of patrons and local people, he runs into, of all people, his grandmother! After years of avoiding this sorceress of the black arts (or so he accuses her of) and her harping at him for not finding legitimate work, she is the last person he wants to see. But…could she actually be connected to the disappearance?

Although the story is pure fiction, the places and the cantankerous relationship between Orson and his grandmother are all accurate! And yes, the golf course at Lake Lawn Resort was built many decades ago over Indian burial mounds.

Produced by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Written by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Directed by ...Mike Ullstrup

Starring...The 91.1 Players!

Steve Dundis, John O’Leksy, Chris Brookes, Susan Feehrer, Kathy Zuhlke, Vittoria DuMez, Todd Eaves, Jeremiah Verges, Evan Zuhlke, Siegfried Christoph, Naomi Waisman-Zabler, Jill Jensen, Teresa Meyers, Brooke Wegner, Dan Laack

Production Staff...

Barb Tylla, Steve Brown, Dave Janzer, David Cole

This radio show broadcast live in front of a studio audience on November 16, 2013