The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: THE MURDER OF PROFESSOR JEREMY CLARKSON

“The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Murder of Professor Jeremy Clarkson," will transport the listening audience through an intricate, well designed web of clues.  This roadmap of clues will be drawn by Sherlock, landlady Mrs. Hudson, the dangerous and unpredictable Professor James Moriarty, Dr. John Watson, and finally by British Prime Minister Eloise Bannister.

Produced by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Written by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Directed by ...Rene Bushelle

Starring...The 91.1 Players!

Julie Burton, Rene Bushelle, Viki DuMez, Todd Eaves, Brett Houdek, Jill Jensen, Gary Lien, Andrew Potter, Larry Rowe, Ann-Marie Schmid,  Cameron Spencer, Peyton Spencer, Joe Van Hulle 

 Production Staff...

Mike Ullstrup, Steve Brown, Chuck Janzer, Dave Janzer, David Cole

This radio show broadcast live in front of a studio audience on June 22, 2019