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The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson...“The Professor Jeremy Clarkson Murder”

June 22, 2019 Mysteries “The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Murder of Professor Jeremy Clarkson," will transport the listening audience through an intricate, well designed web of clues.  This roadmap of clues will be drawn by Sherlock, landlady Mrs. Hudson, the dangerous and unpredictable Professor James Moriarty, Dr. John Watson, and finally by British Prime Minister Eloise Bannister.

A Detective Double-Header!  The Thin Man!...and...Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar!

May 11, 2019 Mysteries

“The Thin Man,” based on Dashiell Hammett’s novels, follows Nick and Nora Charles as they solve mysteries, and charm the world.  Nick (portrayed by Joe Van Hulle) is a retired private investigator who is accompanied by his gorgeous, beautifully dressed, pent-house-rich wife, Nora, played by Susan Lien.  Even Asta, their darling little Fox Terrier, helps solve some crimes in his own special way.

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar,” starring 91.1 Players actor Larry Rowe, always begins with a phone call from an insurance executive, calling on Johnny to investigate an unusual claim.  Each story required Johnny to travel to some distant locale, usually within the United States but sometimes abroad, where he was almost always threatened with personal danger in the course of his investigations.

Stage Door Canteen

WINNER: Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award, 2nd Place, USE OF AUDIO (NON-NEWS), May 2019

WINNER: National Audio Theatre Festivals, HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, Silver Division, April, 2019...The WGTD Radio Theater: 14th Season, World War II Theme

December 8, 2018 Comedies

During the World War II, there was a place called the Stage Door Canteen. There, whatever performer was available, no matter what they performed, they would go to the Canteen and "put on a show" for the troops waiting to leave for Europe. There was no theme or type of performance, the idea was to entertain the troops.

In this show are The Dixie Dudes, Bill's Little Big Band, The Riverport Chorus Sweet Adelines, and Steve Brown on vocals. We have skits long and short in between. It's a great show!

Deep Stealth

WINNER: National Audio Theatre Festivals, HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, Silver Division, April, 2019...The WGTD Radio Theater: 14th Season, World War II Theme

November 10, 2018 Drama It is November, 2018 and the Virginia Class USS Wisconsin nuclear-powered attack submarine is on a shakedown cruise after being retrofitted with newly designed stealth technology where it will be submerged under the polar ice-cap for 4 months. But when the Wisconsin returns to the surface, it is no longer 2018! The year is now 1942! The place: the North Atlantic. The USS Wisconsin has all of the 2018 technology in a 1942 WWII world!

The Kane Shadow: Sayonara, My Friends

WINNER: Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award, 1st Place, Significant Community Impact, May 2019

WINNER: National Audio Theatre Festivals, HEAR Now, Silver Division, April 2019

WINNER: National Audio Theatre Festivals, HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, Silver Division, April, 2019...The WGTD Radio Theater: 14th Season, World War II Theme

October 6, 2018 Mystery n 1942, President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 which ordered the removal of any person with at least 1/16th Japanese ancestry on the western coast of the United States into internment camps. In 1943, one of the then-owners of Lake Lawn Resort, Jay Reader, sponsored Henry Tsuru out of Minidoka Internment Camp in Idaho and made him a pastry chef at the resort. This was the start of a great chapter of Lake Lawn history as many more Japanese-Americans left the camps and joined Tsuru to become part of the Lake Lawn family. Join The Kane Shadow, a.k.a Orson Welles, as he investigates a secret he stumbles upon during a visit to his favorite vacation spot, Lake Lawn Resort.

The Kane Shadow: The Louis "Gas" Derler Murder Mystery

WINNER: Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award, 1st Place, Best Live On-site Broadcast Remote, May 2019

July 28, 2018 Mystery On August 1, 1930, Louis “Gas” Derler, owner of Gas’ Place in Trevor, and his bartender, Ed Dennesty, were shot. No one was ever arrested for the murders and Louis is buried in Salem at Liberty Cemetery on highway 83 just south of highway C. Gas’ Place has since become Towne Square and is once again run by Louis’ grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Our hero, the KANE SHADOW, a.k.a Orson Welles, who always likes a mystery, especially a local one, takes a stab at solving this unsolved crime. Although we use current names of locations, all of these places did exist back in the 30’s.

The Enigma Covenant

WINNER: National Audio Theatre Festivals, HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, Silver Division, April, 2019...The WGTD Radio Theater: 14th Season, World War II Theme

une 16, 1028 Drama The ENIGMA Covenant, a World II thriller, set in London in 1942, will take our listeners on a journey of how the British Navy captured the German code machine, The Enigma, and how the code itself was broken at Bletchley Park, just outside of London. Featured will be actual characters who were directly involved in actually breaking the German code, including: Alan Turing, Dilly Knox, and General “Wild” Bill Donovan, who headed up the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.), which was the precursor of the current C.I.A.

Our Secret Sisters

WINNER: National Audio Theatre Festivals, HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, Silver Division, April, 2019...The WGTD Radio Theater: 14th Season, World War II Theme

March 10, 2018 Drama

In this original drama co-written by Steven Brown and Michael Ullstrup, two young American women, in 1942, are recruited into the man’s world of cloak-and-dagger espionage to uncover the reasons behind the Nazi’s U-boat probing of the North American East Coast.
The women are sent to spy school in Virginia where they face rigorous training in hand-to-hand combat, small weapons, and the use of poisons and special devices. They are secreted to Germany by land, sea, and air avoiding the ever present Gestapo and take on undercover roles at a German naval base.

Working with a mole, they discover the Nazi plot to send a u-boat up the Potomac River and deliver Nazi agents to put a bomb in the Capitol of the United States when President Roosevelt is giving his State-of-the-Union address. The women make a daring escape with these secret documents under Gestapo gunfire by flying a plane out of Germany to the safety of England. The Nazis never had a chance to derail America’s war efforts due to the courage, patriotism, and sacrifice of the women of the OSS, The Office of Strategic Services, which later became the C.I.A.

A Cartoons-on-the-Radio Mash-up, 2018

"God Help the Queen"

WINNER: National Audio Theatre Festivals, HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, Silver Division, April, 2019...The WGTD Radio Theater: 14th Season, World War II Theme

January 27, 2018 Comedy

It’s become a tradition at the WGTD Radio Theater over the last few years that the theme of the annual Cartoons-on the-Radio Mash-up revolves around a personality in the news. They have had shows focused on Kim Jong-Un, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump. This season, the WGTD Radio Theater will feature shows about World War 2 and no one would be better to celebrate but the one current world leader who actually served during the war and the longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Rocky and Bullwinkle will be hosting her in Frostbite Falls in spite of the antics of Boris and Natasha. Dudley Do-Right will be patrolling the far reaches of the queen’s Dominion of Canada as she plans to visit Quebec. Yogi Bear thinks her purse might have something better in it than the usual pic-a-nic baskets. Bugs Bunny, well, he’s eating carrots right out the Queen’s garden and it’s Elmer Fudd’s job to stop him.

The Kane Shadow: Murder is a Circus June 25, 2017 Mystery The KANE SHADOW...a.k.a, Kenosha, Wisconsin native son, Orson Welles...goes to historic Delavan, Wisconsin to solve a murder....of Juliet! Delavan is jam-packed full of history! Go to to learn... - Who founded Delavan and why (Good thing they changed the alcohol laws since then!) - How important the circuses were to Delavan (Did you know that Delavan was the home to as many as 26 circuses in the mid-19th century? In fact, P.T. Barnum started there!) - The tragic story of the famous elephants, Romeo and Juliet (You will feel awful after reading about it.) - The Walldogs (They are all over the place in Delavan...see the pictures!) - Some pictures of Delavan and Old Settler's Cemetery.

The Kane Shadow: A Rear Window Murder

WINNER: Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Award. 2nd Place, 2016 Best Original Feature, May, 2017

November 5, 2016 Mystery Orson Welles returns to that nasty town but while re-re-re-recording that radio commercial, he trips over a mic cable and has to rest his twisted ankle at friends on Powers Lake. And yes, Jeannette flies in to take care of Orson, in person! While sitting out back on the upper patio, he fears he may be witnessing a murder. Pass the cabernet!
The Kane Shadow: A Roaring Murder June 13, 2015 Mystery Orson Welles, a.k.a the Kane Shadow, visits Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and finds himself helping a flapper accused of murder while running out of a local speakeasy during a raid by the Feds. What could make matters worse? His grandmother!
The Kane Shadow: If You Can Choose Your Friends, Can You Kill Your Relatives? November 16, 2013 Mystery Orson Welles, a.k.a. The Kane Shadow, comes back to his home town, Kenosha after another frustrating re-recording of a radio commercial in Chicago. While at dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, three very attractive and identical triplet women approach him and ask for his help. It would appear that a “friend” of theirs has gone missing and they fear the worst: murder. Their friend was last seen near Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin. Never able to resist the cries for help from attractive women, and knowing of the fine restaurants at the resort, Orson motors out to Delavan to investigate the matter. During his interviews of patrons and local people, he runs into, of all people, his grandmother! After years of avoiding this sorceress of the black arts (or so he accuses her of) and her harping at him for not finding legitimate work, she is the last person he wants to see. But…could she actually be connected to the disappearance? Although the story is pure fiction, the places and the cantankerous relationship between Orson and his grandmother are all accurate! And yes, the golf course at Lake Lawn Resort was built many decades ago over Indian burial mounds.