Listen to "The Kane Shadow: Murder is a Circus"

The Kane Shadow: Murder is a Circus (Broadcast Date: June 25, 2017)

The KANE SHADOW...a.k.a, Kenosha, Wisconsin native son, Orson Welles...goes to historic Delavan, Wisconsin to solve a murder....of Juliet!

Delavan is jam-packed full of history! Go here to learn...

- Who founded Delavan and why (Good thing they changed the alcohol laws since then!)

- How important the circuses were to Delavan (Did you know that Delavan was the home to as many as 26 circuses in the mid-19th century? In fact, P.T. Barnum started there!)

- The tragic story of the famous elephants, Romeo and Juliet (You will feel awful after reading about it.)

- The Walldogs (They are all over the place in Delavan...see the pictures!)

- Some pictures of Delavan and Old Settler's Cemetery.

Produced by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Written by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Directed by ...Viki DuMez

Starring...The 91.1 Players!

John O'Leksy, Kathy Zulhke, Cam Spencer, Alexa Eaves, Mike Bavido, Viki DuMez, Todd Eaves, Ryan Schroeder

Special musical guest...John Ludy Puleo

Production Staff...

Mike Ullstrup, Steve Brown,Chuck Janzer, Dave Janzer, David Cole

This radio show broadcast live in front of a studio audience on June 25, 2017