Listen to "The Kane Shadow": A Rear Window Murder"

The Kane Shadow: A Rear Window Murder (Broadcast Date: November 5, 2016)

Orson Welles returns to that nasty town but while re-re-re-recording that radio commercial, he trips over a mic cable and has to rest his twisted ankle at friends on Powers Lake. And yes, Jeannette flies in to take care of Orson, in person! While sitting out back on the upper patio, he fears he may be witnessing a murder. Pass the cabernet!

Produced by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Written by...Steve Brown & Mike Ullstrup

Directed by ...JaNelle Powers

Starring...The 91.1 Players!


John O’Leksy, Kathy Zuhlke, Cameron Spencer, Janelle Powers, Siegfried Christoph, Alexa Eaves, Larry Rowe, Todd Eaves, Steve Dundis

Production Staff...

Barb Tylla, Steve Brown,Chuck Janzer, Dave Janzer, David Cole

This radio show broadcast live in front of a studio audience on November 5, 2016