Mystery Dinner! WHO'S THE MARTIAN?

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ver since the autumnal equinox when the Sun is aligned directly over the equator and both the northern and southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight and solar radiation, the reports of UFO activity have increased. Even the US Space Force has issued media releases about all the activity. Along the Wisconsin/Illinois border, people have reported sounds over their homes at night, like a helicopter overhead but a weirder, eerier sound. Of course, there are the usual stories of alien sightings and abductions. Missing person reports have, though, bumped up.

Coincidently, vehicles seem to be experiencing more electrical problems. Break-downs, “check engine” lights, car battery fires, and car computer shut-downs are all on the increase. Even semis and buses have stalled or have had to exit the freeways due to engine problems. Many of the buses stop at restaurants right along their routes to let the passengers out and get some food and beverages or for a “nature-break” while the drivers call in the problem and run some checks on the engine. The restaurants are more than happy to get some unexpected customers even if the passengers are annoyed about the inconvenience.

Once and a while, though, when the bus is ready to get underway again, there seems to be an extra passenger or two. The bus drivers just shrug it off: everyone has a ticket….they must have mis-counted somewhere along the way. Who would wait at some restaurant on the off-chance that a passenger bus would stop by? How would they know that a bus was going to have problems and stop there?

Who – on Earth? – wants to get on that bus?