Radio Theater! Cartoons-on-the Radio!

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Lake Lawn Resort, 2400 East Geneva Street, Delavan, Wisconsin 53115

Our annual Cartoons-on-the-Radio comes to Lake Lawn Resort! And, in the tradition of these shows having themes of personalities in the news, we follow Harry and Meghan – yes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! – as they search for a new kingdom. Not sure what the folks in Rocky and Bullwinkle’s Frostbite Falls, Dudley Do-Right’s Canada, or Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park will think of that, but find out on Saturday, November 13th at 11:15 a.m. at Lake Lawn Resort! The award-winning 91.1 Players will put on radio show broadcast live over WGTD-FM as Harry and Meghan explore all the possibilities. Come see and listen to “WANTED: A KINGDOM!” and be part of the studio audience!