Murder Mystery Dinner

Lake Lawn Resort, 2400 East Geneva Street, Delavan, Wisconsin 53115

Mary Alice Ashton Lang passed away. Man, she hung in there a long time. Too long for some?

Awful circumstances. Fire…smoke inhalation...supposedly the alarms did not notify the fire department. Her husband – that is, second husband -- wasn’t home. Of course, rumor has it that he was locked out of her fortune, was only given a monthly stipend. Funny how her husband retained his own lawyer. The cook was out for the evening, too. And where was her nurse? Someone as sick as Mary Alice needed twenty-four hour care and given that mansion she lived in, expense was no object. Her family has lived in the area since before statehood, owned a lot of property. She was a big time philanthropist sustaining all sorts of charities. Everyone loved her. Or did they? And who knows what the autopsy will turn up!

Join the other mourners here at Lake Lawn Resort for at an evening of cocktails, dinner, and murder. And you never know WHO will solve the murder!

Call 262.728.7950 for tickets.